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Entry level Brewing Quality Control

Essential Quality Control course

Achieve the highest levels of consistency and quality for your brewery by acquiring the basic fundamental Quality Control knowledge with the Essential Quality Control course.


This course is jointly offered by the Siebel Institute and White Labs, and hosted at the White Labs facility in Asheville, North Carolina, and presents a full range of topics related to quality control (QC) that will give you the knowledge required to produce beers of consistently high quality.

This course will cover the most important and essential aspects of an in-house QC program, including; sensory evaluation, advanced sensory analysis techniques, analytical testing, microbiological testing, bacteria detection and sampling techniques. The emphasis in this course is practical hands-on learning enhanced by lectures dealing in the sciences behind the techniques. You will learn the tools and procedures used worldwide to evaluate beer at every critical phase of production, employing standards designed and tested by organizations like the Association of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the European Brewing Congress (EBC).

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All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. For this course, prior brewing knowledge is not required, but students will benefit from existing knowledge of brewing technologies and/ or related sciences.

What I'll learn

  • Yeast Quality Measurements: Scope and Definition, Yeast Health and Quality
  • How to Measure Health: Viability and Vitality
  • Operations: Cropping, Storage, Pitching and Aeration
  • Product Considerations
  • Pure Cultures: Aims and Objectives, Methods, Maintenance
  • Propagation: Why and When, Lab and plant-scale approaches, etc.

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Time 3.5 days / 24 hours

Certificate of attendance

Tuition (regular) $1,465

APF (non-refundable) $250

Total Cost $1,715

Visa Requirements
(non-U.S. citizens)
M1 Visa

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