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Fred Scheer

Fred Scheer

Fred Scheer was educated in brewing and malting at the prestigious Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany, and graduated with a Masters in Brewing and Malting. He has worked in the brewing industry for 40 years, both in Europe and the United States, where he later immigrated to in 1983.

Fred was involved in the design and engineering of a number of production breweries including Capital Brewery (Wisconsin) and Frankenmuth Brewery in Michigan. He has also worked with Pabst Brewing in their corporate office, taking charge of quality analysis, and national and international specialty brewing projects, including operations in China.

Fred has lectured and written extensively on all things beer, has served on many technical committees, and is widely known and highly regarded as a consulting resource. In 1988, he received the BA Industry Award from the Brewers Association.


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